How Much Does Developing a Website Cost in 2021?

How Much Does Developing a Website Cost

Did you know that you can build a website for only $99? Yes, you can, and there are plenty of digital agencies who will build it for you but WAIT, stop, and think. How can this amount of money get you in professional hours and how invested will the agency be to do a good job? Not very much and it’s important that you don’t settle for less when it comes to the public face of your business.

Why? Basically, your website is your online profile and one of the most powerful tools you have to influence potential customers to connect with your product or service. Get this wrong and visitors will not trust your website and your message won’t draw them in causing the potential customers to leave.

So does that means building or developing a well-designed website that is optimised and trustworthy has to be expensive?

Thankfully, no. You can still build an affordable website, but you need someone who will put the effort into understanding your market and drill down on why the service or products you’re offering is different from your competitors. This will not be possible for just $99.

The average basic website builds with 5 pages with the client’s supplies the content, logo, and images costs around $499 to $800.

Then “How much does it cost to develop a perfectly working website in 2021?”. Well, that depends on what you’re after. To get a more accurate idea about the cost, you need to understand some general information about building a website.

Here are some common types of website:

  •       Brochure type website

A simple website for existing customers to discover more information, which usually consists of only one landing page.

  •       Marketing website

A website to promote your services/products and get new clients.

  •       Custom-built website

A website with rich features, integrated with other services, sells products, manages and captures large amounts of data.

  •       eCommerce website

A website with the purpose of promoting and selling products online.

Website Essential Elements Breakdown

At Selling Online Made Simple, our business is founded by the trust of our clients, because we truly believe a transparent relationship will lead to more successful results. Here, we provide the essential elements and features for your website. Ideally, our clients should have a good understanding of what they will get by using our services.

  • Domain name: If you haven’t secured your domain name, you can visit GoDaddy or Crazy Domains. You need a valid ABN for your business if you want to use on your domain name.
  • Hosting: To be accessed by others, you need to host your website somewhere. Selling Online Made Simple has servers located in Australia and our hosting service includes server maintenance and weekly site backups.
  • Content Management System (CMS): We build your site using WordPress, the world’s leading CMS.

Content is king but context is the queen

In 2021, both are required to be successful. Brands need to be always “switched on” in order to profit from the changing ways people consume content. Therefore, without enticing texts, images and other additional features, a website will lose its main story. In other words, if the landing page feels empty and unappealing, you won’t win the prospective client’s interest.

We essentially need to study and understand your business and how it usually engage its clients. Each business is unique; therefore, the clients need to cooperate with us by providing detailed information about their business as a prime component for us to build proper customised contents.

Whether it’s text, image or video, our team at Selling Online Made Simple, will help you to develop the required contents.

Selling Online Made Simple website development cost in 2021

Here’s a breakdown of how the digital service-based industry works: it’s calculated based on the amount of time and effort it takes to finish the work. This means the cost can vary depends on the workload. So, this is an estimate of how much the web development cost for you will be if you need a:

  1. Small Business Website: a website that suits all Trades and Services Business, with 3 – 5 pages, no customized form requirements, starting from $499.
  2. Small Business Ecommerce Website: a website that suits all Trades and Services Business, with a 3 – 5 pages website. It comes with a simple and easy payment gateway, basic checkout feature and shipping, starting from $800.
Selling Online Made Simple website development cost in 2020

Selling Online Made Simple website development cost in 2021

Some sites can fall outside of these website development cost guides, but this should act as a useful benchmark.

Additional resources to help boost your business’s digital presence

Great, now you have a fully-customised website that has a perfect and responsive design that is adjusted according to your preference and has several functional features to start your business in the digital era right away.

Additional resources to help boost your business’s digital presence

Additional resources to help boost your business’s digital presence

There are some additional digital elements that can help boost your performance especially your ranking in a Google Search. Obviously, Google is the #1 search engine in the world and ideally, your new site would be right on the top.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google ranks your website on its search platform based on the keywords and the quality of your website backlinks and SEO can help you rank higher. The higher your site ranks on Google, the higher your chances are of being discovered by new potential clients. To learn more about Selling Online Made Simple SEO services please visit here: SEO Perth.

  1. Customer Relation Management System (CRM)

Automation is on the rise these days. Working from home, working on the road or even while on days off, generating lead can be achieved anywhere and anytime with an automation system. CRM is necessary for this because it is a complete business management tool that combines marketing systems, help desk, project management, time billing, invoicing and more along with clever automation to make running your business simple. To learn more about our CRM Services please visit here: CRM Systems Perth.

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Once you have established a decent amount of brand awareness and leads eventually you’ll want to widen the target market or gain leads quicker than before. A more hands-on approach is required for this, therefore, Search Engine Marketing is the next trick up your sleeve. With SEM, you are increasing your business’s online visibility through digital advertising on Google. However, you need to have a proper setup and strategy in order for this method to work and our team of experts can help you. Learn more about our SEM Services here: Google Adwords Management.

Now you know how much our website development costs in 2021, it’s the perfect time for us to get to know more about your business and assist you in developing your functional website. Get in contact with us today.