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seo analytics tool | SEO Reporting System

SEO Analytics Tool

SEO Reporting System Made Simple

Selling Online Made Simple has built an easy to use SEO Reporting system that you can use to monitor your website performance.
Our SEO Tool allows you to connect your Google Analytics account, AdWords Account, Keyword Rankings, Referral traffic and Social Media traffic all to the one easy to read the report.
This SEO analytics tool is free to use for a single site and simple to set up.

Why do you need this SEO analytics tool?

In today’s digital world over 92% of all leads come from the internet in one way or the other. You need to know how you are performing and what it is costing you to get the leads. Our SEO analytics tool gives you the information that you need to see.

Your total monthly/weekly traffic

Where that traffic came from Organic, Referral, PPC or Social media

We will show you your conversion for each sector

Away of working out your return of investment

PPC – you paying for each click on your website you need to know how many clicks it takes to convert to a lead ( email or phone call ) you also need to know how may clicks are people that only stay on your website for a few seconds. This is known as PPC bounce. A quick test is :
You spend $4 per click and every 30 days you get 500 clicks on your website from PPC you will pay $2000 to the PPC company. Now if 70% have bounced then you only targeted 30% of people that had some interest in your web page

That means you have paid $2000 for 150 people that had an interest in your website.

Now if you look at the number of conversions the website made for PPC then let’s say you achieved 20 leads each lead cost you $100 now based on the revenue you generated in the 30 days you can work out ROI Net sales Profit overall cost of leads.

Net Sales Profit           $4000
Net Sales Profit           $4000
Cost of leads                $2000
Return on investment  $2000

You can download the spreadsheet to help you work this out.

Now you can do the same for SEO costs, Social Media and referral cost.

Stop flying by the seat of your pants by your marketing and start making every click on your website count and be cost-effective.

free seo analytics tool | SEO Reporting System


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