Covid 19 Stimulus Package

How To Make The Most Out Of The Current COVID-19 Government Stimulus Packages

Selling Online Made Simple has put together a document to help you navigate the details of the recent COVID-19 government stimulus packages and what they could mean for you. Find out if you are eligible and what you need to do to take advantage of these packages.

Why Now? Most of the business community are so tied up in the negative side of the crisis that they are unable to look forward 3 to 6 months in order to ensure they make the most out of their recovery period. The companies that have the largest work force will find it hardest to recover and there are plenty of companies spending ridiculous amounts of money buying work to keep their staff on the books. This is short-term thinking for a long-term problem. When the consumers are in a state of uncertainty their buying habits are sure to change. If you don’t change with them then you risk seeing a dramatic drop in your conversion ratio and acquisition costs that will go thought the roof

The main piece of advice to follow during this period is to put the brakes on and start cultivating your existing customer base. Make sure you have taken every step to protect your staff and the safety of current customers so you can keep servicing them now or in the near future. It is crucial that you protect the clients you already have and stay in touch with them. Start a sending out informative updates in order to keep them in the loop and cultivate your business

Please download the guide we have put together for the COVID-19 government stimulus packages. This offer from our government has never been so generous. The document will be updated regularly when new packages are announced or if there are new ways to take advantage of the packages.

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