Most Wanted Actions – Website Key Success Factor Number 2

sticky website

You have 30 seconds to impress and engage your website visitors. The longer your website visitor stay on your website the more chance you have of creating a sale or lead.
15 Minutes is a good target to achieve as an average. This is what we refer to as STICKY CONTENT.

Well this is what CEO’s around the world are drooling over… Let’s start by clarifying what exactly I mean when I say a sticky website content! A sticky website can be defined as a website that attracts visitors to hang around longer than usual and generally return in the future.

In order to achieve this, a site needs to have certain qualities.

Over many years of website design, our team has come to learn that it is not pretty images that will
make a website popular or make your website an authority in your target space. First, let me explain
why it is important to have a sticky website. The Internet is a vast space with hundreds of thousands of
websites competing for attention. If you have a website that encourages users to stick around long enough to explore your various pages, you have more time to reinforce your marketing messages to visitors.

Sticky websites goal are:

  1. Webpage visitor engagement
  2. Reinforce your brand
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Concrete content
  5. Highlight Your Best Content
  6. Engage multiple audience
  7. Know your subject
  8. Invite Your readers to comment
  9. At least 1 hook
  10. Call to action

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