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Custom Mobile Application Development for You!

Custom mobile app development is a must in today’s business world. In order to make your company more successful, you need to use the best marketing strategies to reach your clients. One of the best ways to achieve this is through custom mobile applications. Apps can help you maximize your sales and help your clients learn more about your company.

Do You Need Custom Mobile Apps?

This is a question many companies ask, especially if they’re only starting out. A short answer is that you can benefit from an increase in sales and popularity, and this is exactly what custom mobile apps can provide. With the help of reliable mobile apps made just for your needs, you can reach your clients in a quick way. Furthermore, handy apps will prove to be helpful for your clients, and they become an effective way to improve your products and services. If you introduce a good application that can help your clients use your services, buy your products or stay informed on your newest offer, you are making a big step forward in maximizing your business potential.

Custom Mobile App Development

Selling Online Made Simple offers many different custom mobile applications for a wide range of businesses. The company is dedicated to creating the most reliable apps for various types of phones, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, as well as HTML5 apps for Blackberry. All applications come with free in-app text messaging which can help you reach your clients quickly. This way, you are strengthening the communication between your company and clients, which is very important for the business. The company offers quality mobile application development for many different business needs. You can benefit from an online store, which can help you increase your sales. Or you may offer your clients helpful information and service via a custom application. Selling Online Made Simple offers ready solutions for your needs, as well as many custom features for your industry.

The company specializes in customer applications for a wide range of businesses. Their most popular solutions include applications for bars and clubs, restaurants, hair and beauty salons, real estate and take away food companies. Each type of business requires specific apps, such as menu applications for restaurants or mortgage calculators for real estate companies. Selling Online Made Simple offers different solutions based on your individual needs.

The Best Features in Mobile App Development

Some of the most exciting features offered with Custom Mobile Apps 4U include:

  • Coupons: You may create mobile coupons or QR enabled coupons for special deals and offers. They are great for building customer loyalty.
  • Push notifications: This feature enables you to send free text messages to your clients. You may use it to advertise your promotions, events or special deals. Remember, most text messages are read within 5 minutes of delivery, which means your advertisement will reach your clients almost instantly.
  • Social media integration: Using the application, you can integrate your Facebook or Twitter to connect with your customers through their favorited social media sites. You may also use YouTube integration to display hundreds of videos from your channel inside of your mobile apps.
  • Fan Wall: This is a great way to get comments and feedback on your business. Set up a fan wall and manage all the comments online.
  • Tell-A-Friend: This built-in sharing capability lets your business reach a wide circle of potential customers. The feature enables sharing over Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email.
  • Photo Gallery: Ideal for displaying images of your business specially optimized for iPhone and Android.

About the Company

Selling Online Made Simple mobile app developers who can provide custom application development for all your needs. They are dedicated to developing the best mobile applications for business and all those who can benefit from this type of service. Their knowledgeable team has years of experience with marketing and different ways to reach your customers or to make your message heard. Since it’s impossible to imagine modern marketing without mobile applications, having a custom application just for your business needs is a must. Custom Mobile Apps4U helps your company increase its sales and popularity with the help of handy apps. With a mobile app published, you can increase your sales in just one month. All successful companies know the new rules of the game, and custom mobile app development is something that can help them rise above the competition.

Selling Online Made Simple is a good online resource for custom application development. Their skillful team takes you seriously and finds the best solution just for your needs. There are many different services and application types to choose from, and each of them will help your business become more successful. These are just some of the reasons that make Selling Online Made Simple a highly recommended source for custom mobile apps development.