Make Selling Online Easier

Utilizing your website to make selling online easier for you!

A friend of mine is getting ready to launch a new product for the company he works for, he ran me through a few different marketing messages then asked me which marketing message I thought would work best.

It’s  difficult question to answer, since no-one can know what marketing message is going to grab a person’s attention, Or can they?

Client/Customer research and analysis is key, Research companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars for information that you may already have access to from your existing client base.

So, my suggestion to him: Send out some emails to your current database, and get their feedback. After all, why not just sell them what their actually looking for? It certainly makes selling a whole lot easier.

There’s no need to go out and run a full blown official survey here, just send out a friendly email, to a portion of your database, and let them know your working on a new product or service, and before you finish it you’d like some input from them. Open ended questions allow your customers to open up about what they truly want, or don’t want.

A couple of SOMs suggested questions:

“What are your biggest challenges or frustrations when it comes to…”


“Which of the following would you be most likely to buy in the next 60 days…”

Then just sit back and let your customers tell you what they want and what they need, which will help create your next marketing campaign or product promotion.

Make Selling Online Easier